The cachaça spirit is a tradition original to Brazilian colonial period; a recipe written by multiple hands that has come to define the meeting of African, Portuguese and Native Amerindian cultures, as well as the agricultural knowledge and many other facets of the Brazilian economic development since its birth in the beginning of the 16th century.

Pindorama Cachaça is crafted in an artisanal distillery through the combination of two processes: fermentation and distillation. Every step of the way is 100% natural, free from any type of preservative, additive or chemical acceleration. Our sugarcane is cut daily, ground and transformed into a syrup which is added to our own yeast made from organic non-GMO corn. During this process all of the sugars are transformed into alcohol, creating in fact a sugar-free wine which is then slowly distilled throughout the day. The fruity notes that one tastes when drinking our cachaça are from the scents and essential oils of the sugarcane which survive these processes.

During the fermentation process, the more than 100 hectares of Atlantic Rainforest that surround the distillery give birth to a unique method in which heat, humidity and atmospheric pressure create the perfect conditions for this special drink, pure, full of flavour, intensity and history. The distillery at Fazenda das Palmas was first established more than 160 years ago and carries in itself the rich and complex trajectory of a world renowned spirit that is one of the greatest Brazilian cultural treasures. 


In order to guarantee the integrity of our product and the fidelity of the centuries-old process, Pindorama Cachaça undergoes constant analysis and while it is made we remove and dispose of the first 20 litres (the head of the cachaça) as well as the last ten litres (the cachaça’s tail); what’s left is that which is the purest and most precious that we call the heart of the cachaça.

Our steam-boiler is fuelled by using the bagasse (sugarcane residual husk) reassuring our commitment to new and sustainable energies.

Since sixty percent of our drink is water, we use only the purest one from a natural and protected source within the same property. This water comes from the depths of our forest’s ground which carries the DNA of a region blessed with one of the best climates on the planet, in a lush and diversely covered valley.

Pindorama Cachaça is stored using INOX stainless steel tubs (Pindorama Silver) and in oak wooden casks (Pindorama Gold).

Our process combines that which is most traditional with the highest standards of quality and state-of-the-art warehousing, assuring every bottle of Pindorama carries the legacy of this centuries-old spirit from our forest all the way to your glass.