Pindorama is a unique cachaça crafted through an artisanal process made exclusively with our very own, naturally-grown, fresh-cut sugar cane at the distillery of Fazenda das Palmas. During the process of fermentation all the sugars are transformed into alcohol, thus creating a smooth, sugar-free, fruity and flavourful drink that can be served neat, on ice, or in your drink of choice. Although cachaça is commonly associated with caipirinha we strongly suggest you try it pure or in many other combinations using your own creativity and taste or following one of our many recipes.

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Mythical place of the Tupi-guaranis (native people of South America). Name used by the people of the Andes,  of South America to the land of Brazil.

Tupi-guarani denomination of ‘Land/Place/Region of Palms’ or ‘Land free of Evil’



Sits in the heart of the Coffee Valley in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2013 the Konder-Braga family restored this old distillery which was originally established in 1855 being the third commercial distillery in the region and the first known to be completely slave-free. Today we are a small, family-run farm with horses, sheep, chickens, cows, ducks, dogs and cats plus a whole plethora of wild animals that come and go freely within our forest. We have our own organic vegetable garden, boutique coffee production and a plant nursery where we cultivate and share the diversity that emanates from our piece of land.